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Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage

Our son, Griffin is 2 years and 3 months old. He was born on April 27, 2009 at 31 weeks via a cesarean section. He experienced a massive fetal-maternal hemorrhage, which is basically when the flow of blood, which normally runs from the mom to the baby, ran from the baby to the mom. In other words, he lost over 600 ml of blood and was as pale as a ghost when he was born.


Griffin was on a ventilator, oscillator and was administered every drug you can imagine.  At one week old, they found free air in his belly and had to undergo emergency abdominal surgery.  This set him back with eating as he had to have a tube down his throat for 10 days.  Slowly but surely Griffin began to progress and was taken off the medications one by one.  By the time he was ready to come home he was off all medications, eating on his own and was free to come home without a heart monitor. 


With the help of hundreds of prayers and great doctors, especially Dr. Solomon, Griffin survived. Miraculously there were no issues with his brain as a result of the blood loss.  Today, he is a perfectly healthy and smart 2 year old.  One of the head nurses told us that she had never seen anything like Griffin in the 28 years she worked there. She said that it is an absolute miracle that he survived.


As you know, it is a really scary thing having a high risk pregnancy and also having a baby in the NICU. People going through that experience really need support.  We were fortunate to have a strong family and friend support group. Not everyone has that.  I just wanted to share our story with you and let you know that I really think it is great what you guys are doing.  

- Mary and Trip Thomas

Griffin at 2 years old


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