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High Risk Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed on February 16, 2011 to provide support, encouragement, information and resources to women and families who are experiencing a high risk pregnancy resulting in hospital bed rest, potential premature birth and neonatal intensive care after delivery. 


Basic Needs and Amenities - Our volunteers assemble and deliver Bed Rest Baskets to newly admitted, long term high risk OB patients, and NICU Napsacks to families of newly admitted NICU infants. Both Bed Rest Baskets and NICU Napsacks provide personal items that are crucial to a long term hospital stay, and are not currently supplied by hospitals, or any other non profit organizations. To learn more about the impact our programs have on patients, play the video below to hear Joanne's story, High Risk Hope's first Bed Rest Basket recipient.



Many of the dedicated volunteers who donate their time to High Risk Hope have either personally experienced a high risk pregnancy or premature delivery of their baby, or experienced it through the eyes of a loved one. These women, children and families want to provide hope and encouragement through sharing their own stories, experiences, knowledge and outcome. The ultimate reward of our service is the delivery of a healthy baby, but having a mother, who was encouraged by High Risk Hope return to become a volunteer, is a close second place!

Information and Resources

Website  - We plan to continuously develop our website so that it is a living, fluid, comprehensive, and interactive tool for women and families experiencing high risk pregnancies, or the premature delivery of a child. If you have comments, suggestions, or web design services you would like to contribute, please contact us. 


Meal Delivery Coordination - While hospital food is delicious, a home-cooked meal can lift the spirits of anyone in a hospital atmosphere. Making and delivering a home-cooked meal is also a wonderful way for friends and family to support their loved one in this difficult time. High Risk Hope is working on developing a system where families can coordinate meal deliveries directly on our website.

NICU Shuttle Coordination - Many women who deliver a baby prematurely also undergo a C-Section delivery. When a woman delivers her baby via C-Section, they are unable to drive for at least two weeks. For normal deliveries, this is not a problem because you are at home recovering with your precious baby. For moms with a baby in the NICU, you have to drive to the NICU to visit your baby. The NICU Shuttle Coordination allows friends and family to offer a no obligation (for baby updates or visits) ride to and from the NICU. This simple service will take a huge burden off of the parents, and allow friends and families to be involved in a small, but crucial way. 

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